10,000+ Calories PER DAY And STILL Have Abs?

10,000+ Calories PER DAY And STILL Have Abs?

I know what you’re thinking. Another click bate blogger trying to get clicks to his site with a ridiculous blog post title.

YES! It is ridiculous, but it’s also true.

There’s a lot people out there right now using “low calorie diets” as a weight loss method and I want to put my two cents in and give you a run down on this strategy.

You might be surprised by what I have to say.

First Off, You Need A LOT Of Grit.

When you are playing the low carb game you need to consistently grind it out day after day, for as long as you want to lose weight. 

You have absolutely ZERO room for error. You are always one mistake away from screwing up your results which isn’t a very good position to be in.

It doesn’t give you a very good chance, especially if you are like me and you DO screw up from time to time.

You’ve GOT To Understand What You’re Real Problem Is…

You’re real problem is not eating too many calories. It’s a combination of consuming too many and not expending enough.  

It’s surprising just how much you CAN eat and not gain fat if you’ve got your activity on lock down. 

Check this out…

Usain Bolt – 5,500 Calories Per Day

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Michael Phelps – 12,000 Calories PER DAY


Nick Hardwick (NFL) 5,000 Calories Per Day


Michael Arnstein 5,000-6,000 Calories Per Day (Runner)



HURT 100 Ultra Marathon, the race that brought me to Hawaii. Giving back with an unofficial coconut aid station. #HURT100

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On Paper, You’d Think These People We’re In Danger… 

If a doctor looked at these diets on paper, and saw these numbers, he’d be worried. 

These are all consuming DOUBLE the daily recommended amount of calories while Michael phelps is eating almost 5 times the daily recommended amount. 

How are these people getting away with it? 

One word. 


It’s a smarter decision to consume more calories and add some activity into your life so that you can create room for error and enjoy your life. 

You should be able to go to a family BBQ and have a feast. 

You should be able to go out to dinner and eat what you want. You get one life, it’s not for depriving yourself. 

What i’m trying to say here is if you get the equation right you can have it all. You can eat everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle AND a few extra goodies in if you know what you’re doing and still not have an ounce of fat on you. 

If you have ANY questions about weight loss or you’d like some help, please contact me using the “contact” tab at the top of this page and shoot me an email. 

Thanks for reading. 



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