4 Simple Steps To Phenomenal Weight Loss

4 Simple Steps To Phenomenal Weight Loss

Are you holding off on your weight loss journey because you think you don’t have time or you can’t get a gym? 

I’m going to run over just how little you need to be seriously successful and have a dramatic weight loss transformation. 

I want you to get familiar with this very simple concept: 

Effort Yields Results NOT Equipment Or “Gadgets” 

I’ve always said if you take one person with a good attitude that is determined to lose weight and give them a good weight loss education and a skipping rope and they will run circles around someone who has access to a $5,000,000 fitness complex but no drive. 

You’ve GOT to understand that the body doesn’t understand where you are or what you are doing. 

It just looks at the numbers. 

If you’ve got your food game on lock down, and you’re putting in the effort you’ll lose weight. 

If you don’t have your food game on lock down and you are not trying a $20,000,000 fitness centre is useless to you. 

Some of the best physiques i’ve seen were built on patios or in home gyms and in every case the person was determined to work in order to get the results. 

No protein shake, gym, personal trainer, fitness class, weight loss pill or anything else is going to make this happen for you. 

So here’s ALL you need to lose weight, and these are the things that you should be focusing on. 

  • The right mindset 
  • A good solid food game 
  • A simple exercising strategy 
  • Support

If you’ve got these things you’re GOLD. It’s going to be very hard to fail. 

Let me talk you through each requirement. 

1. The Right Mindset

You can’t approach weight loss like everybody else is if you want to be successful. They are looking for quick and easy methods without work. 

Here’s what happens when you look for “quick and easy” weight loss solutions. You get sold them. 

You’ll get weight loss shakes, protein powders, weight loss pills, potions and formulas. 

If anyone is talking to you about weight loss but not mentioning a good solid diet, and at the VERY LEAST a simple exercise strategy and support then please run away. 

(and the very act of running away will result in more weight loss than any of the products they are pitching you). 

You need to understand that. Weight is lost as a result of burning more calories that you are consuming. This is what you need help with.

You need help with creating a plan that works for you AND results in weight loss.

I want you to say this out loud.

“I understand that their is no quick fix to weight loss, and i’m going to have to put in some real work in order to change my life”.

All good? Sweet.

Right next up is…

2. A Solid Food Plan







Once you’ve accepted that it’s going to take some work, then we can actually get to work. This is something that doesn’t ever happen when you’re looking for quick easy and fast weight loss. 

So, what do you eat? 

Simple. When you’re trying to lose weight in the beginning you’re diet needs to be built up of these four food types. 

  1. High fibrous carbohydrates (broccoli, carrots, asparagus, peas)
  2. Natural starchy carbohydrates (Potato, brown rice)
  3. Healthy protein (Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Eggs, Beans)
  4. Animal and plant based fats. (Avocado, Nuts, Egg Yolks) 

I haven’t listed them all here but you get the point. 

So you go out and build yourself a COMPLETE diet plan using these foods. You’re entire diet will be made up of meals consisting these food types. 

Thats the food sorted! 

What’s next? Oh yeah, a SIMPLE exercise plan. 

When you’re starting out you can keep things very simple and still get great results. How simple? 

Well, start by walking. Just go for a walk. Go for a nice 25-30 minute walk somewhere with a great setting. 

Take some nice fruit infused water and just go for a stroll somewhere beautiful. 







If you wanted to go crazy, then do a few push ups too. Simple, right? 

So, we have our mindset right, our food game sorted and now we have a simple exercise plan. 

Now you need some…

4. Support

If you’re trying to tackle weight loss alone and you have a track record of failed weight loss attempts then you trying again won’t cut it for you. You need some kind of support. 

This might be from a friend that you’ve partnered up with or a coach. 

Here’s how to use a friend for support. You need to find somebody who is also looking to lose weight that you know is reliable. 

Once you’ve found someone then you need to make a pact that you’re going to support each other on this journey. 

That means: 

  1. Sharing goals with each other
  2. Making a commitment to check in and push your partner forward 
  3. Listening to their problems and encouraging them.

This can work if you have a reliable partner. An unreliable partner will cause you more stress that going at it on your own. If you can’t find a reliable partner you might want to think about hiring a coach. 

If you’d like find out m0re about weight loss coaching, reach out to me by clicking on the “consulting” tab and sending me an email using the email address that i’ve provided. 

I hope this has helped, thanks for reading. 

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